Patient Testimonials

  • Flex Physical Therapy is the very best. Everyone is great! Flex saved me from needing foot surgery. Wish they could keep me longer!!

    Karen T.

  • I have been going to Flex Physical Therapy off and on since 2004. I went there after a knee replacement and also for my shoulder. Now I have no pain and move my arm all around. They are the best, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

    Roberta B.

  • Monika, you’re such a sweet person and a great PT. Thank you so much for getting me back on my feet and moving!


  • Very helpful, good workouts, like a little family. Thanks everyone!


  • Thank you very much for the best treatment around, you people are the best and will always be in my thoughts and prayers!


  • Therapy was very helpful. Pain and muscle tightness was relieved. I am able to do much more without discomfort. I would strongly recommend this practice.

    Linda D.

  • I came for bursitis in my hip. Treatment has worked. I am able to take walks. I have already recommended this practice to my friend. Very friendly and caring staff!!

    Carol S.

  • What brought me to Flex was treatment for my neck. The treatment was excellent. With treatment, life has improved. I would recommend my family and friends. Great experience!! Thanks!

    Mark L.

  • I came here because of balance problems and neck pain. The Flex PT crew took great care of me and helped me with my problems tremendously. Many thanks to Monika and her people.

    Tim D.

  • My grandma originally came here after shoulder surgery and her results were better than her supposed “good shoulder”! She could reach higher with no pain. She came back for therapy after hip and knee replacement. I recommend coming here after surgeries and for occasional neck and back pains. She’s 85 years old and moving good!

    Kelly R.

  • I literally limped in after ankle replacement surgery and quickly started gaining more strength and lost the limp. The staff are very attentive and understanding about my questions and helped me with at home exercises to help with my care. I would/will certainly recommend Flex to anyone.

    Maureen T.

  • I was in an auto accident, the staff is awesome. Therapy was very helpful. Came back again after personal injury, definitely would recommend Flex Physical Therapy to everyone.


  • This place is wonderful! They go the extra step to make sure that you are feeling better. They ask questions to make sure the treatment is right.

    Ronald A.

  • Continual back/neck pain, doctor recommended therapy. Therapy varied, was thorough and interesting. Biggest improvement noticed was when driving and turning head from side to side. Would recommend Flex Therapy as they are professional, prompt and courteous.

    Gerald S.

  • I came to Flex for back pain. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and courteous. I have improved by a large percentage. Staff is serious about their job. Great people.

    Steve M.

  • I came to Flex Physical Therapy after a car accident for neck, back and shoulder pain. Therapy and treatment have been extremely helpful and beneficial. I highly recommend Monika and Stacey!

    Madeline W.